Pinterest For Crafters

pinterestWhile it’s not possible for crafters to sell directly from Pinterest, Pinterest can be a very valuable tool for crafters looking to gain more exposure for their products and ecommerce shops. The Pinterest website and mobile applications have become extremely popular over the past year or so, and now more than ever, people are using Pinterest for ideas on things to make and also things to buy.

Cool Crafty Ideas

Crafters can use Pinterest in a number of different ways. Those interested in crafting can browse the site for pinners who post craft-related pins. By following these Pinterest members, a crafter has a nearly unlimited source of inspiration as most Pinterest members pin and update their boards very frequently. By staying on top of trends in crafting, crafters can make new projects and garner ideas for future craft projects.

Create Your Boards

Another way that crafters can use Pinterest is to create crafting boards of their own on the website and mobile app. By having a board specifically dedicated to crafting, crafters can keep track of all of their crafting ideas and inspiration in one, easy-to-use place. Pinterest boards give visual appeal to ideas and are an easy way to organize and share crafting ideas. A well-maintained crafting board on Pinterest can become the go-to spot for a crafter to not only pin things from the web, but to also upload and pin their own craft projects for others to see.

How To Get The Most From Pinterest

Staying active on Pinterest is essential to getting the most out of the site. Since new pins are posted nearly ever second, logging on to the site, pinning, liking, repining and commenting are all very important. Those who don’t update or pin frequently risk losing their followers due to inactivity. If you have a good Pinterest fan base and use the site frequently to pin and follow others, you’ll get more out of the site and mobile app than just passively looking at the site and occasionally pinning.

Many people find Pinterest particularly useful for planning events, such as birthday parties and wedding. Ideas for cost-cutting décor, lighting, innovative designs for invitations and more can all be found on Pinterest. Those who love crafting will find that Pinterest is home to a multitude of great ideas for DIY enthusiasts and for those who love making things instead of buying.

Selling Your Crafts

Crafters who sell their crafts online can also benefit from using Pinterest. While products can’t be sold directly from the site, crafters can pin items from their shops on sites like Etsy to Pinterest. Those who follow pins will see the pin from a site like Etsy and follow the pin to the site. Even if these Pinterest members don’t end up buying your craft, they could like it enough to repin or to share on other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Even though crafters can’t sell through Pinterest, it’s still a valuable resource to get exposure and traffic to craft sites or personal websites or blogs where crafts for sale can be listed. Best of all, Pinterest is free. This means that you can potentially get a lot of exposure (depending on how large your Pinterest fan base is) without spending a dime.

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